The Modern World Builder: Master The Science Of Shaping Communities That Last

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The Modern World Builder: Master The Science Of Shaping Communities That Last

Eliot Couvat
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Eliot's playbook to collective Symbol System + 5 pillars ebook is a really powerful combo for community builders of all experience levels. Some of the best community building advice I’ve read since entering the space.

- Eric, Founder @ Community Consult

The best online creators and businesses all have communities.

Dickie Bush, Jack Butcher or Dan Koe didn't simply create products.

They also built communities around them.

In 2023, the game has changed, and if you're building a product online, you must create networks of peers (communities) instead of aligned groups of consumers (audiences).

If you are a community builder or have been looking at some online community courses, you may have noticed many of them (if not all) are focusing on growth, promising to help you gather the maximum number of people in your Discord.

But I don’t believe Growth = Success.

A community-building thesis that optimizes for accelerated growth necessarily leads to a dilution of intimacy, and without intimacy, no community can stand the test of time.

You don't need thousands of members loosely attached to your community.

You need 10 to 20 die hards who'll defend your product and purchase whatever you offer to deepen their identity.

So instead of creating yet-another course teaching how to build communities with a focus on large-scale target audiences, I decided to take the opposite approach and teach how to move to smaller-scale audiences turned into communities by shared passions and goals.

I focused on creating a course teaching community builders how to reach their cultural moment, and how to build a culture of intimacy through shared symbol systems instead of growth at all costs.

And here it is.

In this course, I'll give you the keys to create a shared sense of identity in your community and detail the mental models you can adopt to improve the speed and quality of your community interactions.

I have one singular goal: make you a smarter community builder that can captivate a tribe's imagination and shape communities where meaningful conversations and genuine human connections happen.

To achieve this, I’ll provide you with:

  1. A community of community professionals to help you on your journey.
  2. A direct access to me if you have any specific questions.
  3. A set of mental models for arousing a feeling of membership.
  4. Frameworks for sharing cultural context with new members.
  5. A system for going from an operational game to a cultural one.
  6. Concrete examples from Web3 communities you can take inspiration from.

This course is a chance for you to stay caught up, become an industry trailblazer, and ensure your project's longevity by tapping into the most dynamic force both outside and inside your organization: the people.

Learn to build a culture of Intimacy

This course outlines a new path for you to bring your people together, build a culture of intimacy, and shape community with a purpose bigger than yourself or your product.

And while it incorporates a few beginner concepts, it is not a beginner's guide for pre-career community builders.

It is a reference handbook for community leaders.

It is the culmination of 24 months of work, mentorship, and research collected throughout my Web3 career.

My mission is to help you:

  • Make your community reach its Cultural Moment.
  • Turn your audience into a real community with shared passions and goals.
  • Go away from level bubble tips & understand the depth of human behavior.

If you're looking to get your community members become evangelists, without making them feel they are doing something risky or making YOUR values become a part of THEIR life, this course is for you!

This course is for you if:

  • You’re looking to launch your community.
  • You already have a community and looking to expend it
  • You got hired to manage a community for a company or startup.
  • You do marketing or consulting and want to make sure you understand community.
  • You build a community-first product and want to make sure you do it right.
  • You’re looking to land a new job as a community manager.
  • You’re building a brand and want to involve more your customers.

You don't create a recognizable brand or product by preaching your idea to people, but by entertaining them and making them part of something bigger in culture.

Many projects are following the principles explained in this course:

  • What Liquid Death call marketing genius, I call it community. What they call marketing, I call it world building.

Part 1: Learn to open your mind.

In the first part of the course, we'll see how to:

+ Adopt the right mindset.

+ Be aware of potential community's symbols.

+ Leave off the pressure to embrace new ideas.

+ Refine your definition of Success.

+  Embrace the decentralization of your brand.

+ Help kickstart the flywheel without being pushy.

Part 2: Nurture you community's ideas.

In this second part, we'll go over the form of ideas that will likely come out of your community:

+ Images (visual representation)

+ Words (expressions and languages)

+ Ideas (the stories and ideas reflecting your members' ideal)

+ Signs (that members will showcase proudly to show their belonging)

Part 3: The crafting process.

In this final part, we'll learn to:

+ Leverage CC0.

+ Shape a commitment curve.

+ Create and distribute tokens of appreciation.

+ Leverage the Community Operational Framework.

Am I the right teacher for you?

My name is Eliot Couvat and I'll be your instructor.

I've walked in your shoes before - struggling to build a community of like-minded people with no resources. And since then, it's been my mission to create the educational resources I wish I had.

So over the past 24 months, I've worked throughout Silicon Valley as a Head Of Community, helped design internet-native communities, spent 1,000+ hours analyzing the success of Web3 communities. I published my learnings in many mainstream publications such as Bankless or Business Insider and in a book.

And while I'm confident in the solution I provide, I encourage you to evaluate me on 3 personal promises:

  1. I will only teach you things I have noticed worked (with concrete examples).
  2. I will continuously improve this workbook with your feedback and new research.
  3. I will add new, meaningful content in 2023.

What people are saying...


"As we move towards digitally native & culture driven communities, Eliot continues to prove how symbol systems create shared ownership and stronger long-term value alignment. A must have for anyone starting their community." - Heloise Pajot, Lead Web3 Innovation at EDF

"I spent my Monday reading this handbook and applying the learning. Every sentence is gold and makes so much sense." - Sara, Web3 community builder.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will this help if I've already started my community? Yes - in fact, you might be at an advantage. This course presents a new way of thinking about community building - a way of having your members build your community alongside you. Having existing members helping you define a symbol system will make it easier for you, and results in a 10x more engaged audience.
  • What if I've never built a community online before? Then this course is a great way to start. You'll learn how to set the right foundations for your community to grow sustainably. If you're unsure what's the best way to start a community, I can't recommend you enough to start by reading my free ebook, 'The 5 Pillars Of Web3 Community Building'.
  • Couldn't I just do this myself with all of the free content out there? Sure, you could spend hours finding each piece of this course in every corner of the internet, try to organize them in a way that makes sense, then search for concrete examples of Web3 communities that have implemented those systems. Or you could also buy another community course at $2500 that will do it for you. But this course is by far the easiest way to get all the best practices, in an organized way, with concrete examples and templates.
  • Don't you think $59 is too expensive? Each day that passes where you're building your community without doing it correctly, you're wasting time. I'm sure you're confident you can make your community take off the ground. You simply don't know what you're currently doing wrong. I've been in your shoes before, and I've figured it out. Rather than asking if $59 is too expensive, you should ask yourself: Does this guy know what building a Web3 community correctly looks like? Will he make me win back my future time? If the answers to those two questions are yes and you value your time, then $59 is a reasonable price for the value provided.
  • What's the time commitment? It will take you ~3h to read the entire course. But this course has been designed for you to come back and check the modules regularly, using this as a handbook for each step of your journey.
  • Will I get free updates? Yes. That's LIFE-TIME access. I've already added many new modules and frameworks since I first launched the course, and chances are the value I provide in this course will continue to increase by 2x, 5x, or even 10x in the next months. But for you, the price's still the same.You can be happy knowing you locked in at an absolute steal.
  • How do I get support if I'm stuck? There are monthly AMAs to help you get unstucked. You get the chance to get the best tips from dozens of other community builders who often already experienced what you're going through. I'm also here to help you in any way I can, and am always free for a 1:1 call.
  • Can I get a refund? 30-day refunds are available, minus PayPal fees if PayPal is used for payment.

Communities focusing on growth try to sell a product to customer.

Communities focusing on arousing a feeling of membership get members defining themselves by the community vision, begging for new products to deepen their relation with the values it represents and deepen their identity.

Growth gets you a few sales, intimacy gets you a long lasting business.

Not yet convinced?

I should sell this course $1000+...

But because I'm still improving it, I don't charge this amount.

On average a Web3 community manager wins $78,000/year. This means $215/day.

You can this course for the price of one morning of work, and get lifetime value and get the skills to land a new job.

You'll receive FREE bonuses.

  • My book ($21)
  • My template ($50)
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