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The Modern World Builder: Mastering The Science Of Shaping Communities That Last

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Eliot's new book + 5 pillars ebook is a really powerful combo for community builders of all experience levels. Some of the best community building advice I’ve read since entering the space.

- Eric, Founder @ Community Consult

The most thriving businesses all have built engaged online communities.

Whether Apple, Lululemon or Harley Davidson, they all have created thriving businesses not only thanks to great products.. But also thanks to their community!

In 2023, the game has changed, and if you're building a product online, you must create a network of peers (community) instead of a simple group of consumers (audience).

Want to make sure this eBook is “worth it” before you download?Here's what you'll learn:

I don’t believe Growth = Success.

You don't need thousands of members loosely attached to your community.

You need 10 to 20 die hards who'll defend your product and purchase whatever you offer to deepen their identity.

See, growth gets you a few sales, intimacy gets you a long lasting business.

So instead of creating yet-another book teaching how to build communities with a focus on large-scale audiences, I decided to take the opposite approach.

I decided to teach you how to build a real and meaningful community.

In this book, I'll give you the keys to create a shared sense of identity in your community and teach you how to make your community reaches its cultural moment through a shared symbol system.

I have one singular goal with this book:

Make you a smarter community builder that can captivate a tribe's imagination and shape communities where meaningful conversations and genuine human connections happen.

What people are saying...


"This book is the perfect slice of life to show what being part of a working web3 community looks like, and the lessons Eliot shares along the way will set the course for any community builder’s journey toward greatness. It encapsulates the best learnings one could have." - Alejandro Arango, Media at Radar

" I love that you included a lot of examples. It fuels a lot of new ideas that can be implemented asap." - Polina Kalashnikova, Head of Social at Partyhat

"This book is full of value. Thank you so much for putting it together. I believe it's gonna be a great anchor for future community builders." - Darius, Head of Community at Libby Records

Am I the right teacher for you?

My name is Eliot Couvat, and I've walked in your shoes before - struggling to build a Web3 community of like-minded people with little to no resources.

Since then, it's been my mission to create the exact guide I wish I had when I first started building Web3 communities.

So over the past 24 months, I've worked throughout Silicon Valley as a Head Of Community, helped design internet-native communities, and published my learnings in many mainstream publications such as Bankless or Business Insider.

I've spent 1,000+ hours analyzing the success of Web3 communities, trying to understand what they are all doing differently than other communities, ending up gathering everything in this 70-pages eBook.

Community Building is THE business skill of the 21st century, and your Web3 community journey starts TODAY!

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The Modern World Builder: Mastering The Science Of Shaping Communities That Last

7 ratings
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