The 5 Pillars Of Web3 Community Building

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Eliot's new ebook is a must-read for community builders in web3 and beyond. From defining your personal story, to creating a community identity and getting the word out, Eliot will empower you to build the next great web3 community.

- Justin Vogel, Founder @Safary

Become A Unifying Web3 Community Leader In 5 Days.

I've walked in your shoes before - struggling to build a Web3 community of like-minded people with little to no resources.

Since then, it's been my mission to create the exact guide I wish I had when I first started building Web3 communities.

After 24 months as the Head of Community at a crypto startup, and after having spent 1,000+ hours analyzing the success of Web3 communities, I've gathered in this Ebook the core principles of what makes a good community, and the best practices I've discovered to grow a community of 100+ engaged members in a matter of months.

You'll find in this Ebook time-tested frameworks rooted in a deep understanding of human behavior to help you launch, grow and monetize your internet-native community.

Want to make sure this eBook is “worth it” before you download?

Here's everything that's inside:

Pillar 1. The Magic Formula To Define The Reason Why Your Community Exists

Pillar 2. 3 Ways To Establish Your Community’s Identity

Pillar 3. How To Shape The Perfect Content Strategy (That Drives Traffic)

Pillar 4. How To Organize Your Community Spaces (To spark meaningful conversations)

Pillar 5. How To Facilitate Your Members’ First Contribution.

Pillar 6. BONUS: 5 Timeless Community Building Principles From Top Creators

Pillar 7. BONUS: The Ultimate Community Building Checklist

Pillar 8. BONUS: The Origin Story Of The Founder Of The JUMP Community.

What people are saying...


"This book is the perfect slice of life to show what being part of a working web3 community looks like, and the lessons Eliot shares along the way will set the course for any community builder’s journey toward greatness. It encapsulates the best learnings one could have." - Alejandro Arango, Media at Radar

" I love that you included a lot of examples Fuels a lot of new ideas that can be implemented asap." - Polina Kalashnikova, Head of Social at Partyhat

"This book is full of value. Thank you so much for putting it together. I believe it's gonna be a great anchor for future community builders." - Darius, Head of Community at Libby Records

Am I the right teacher for you?

My name is Eliot Couvat and I'll be your instructor.

Over the past 24 months, I've worked throughout Silicon Valley as a Head Of Community, helped design internet-native communities, and published my learnings in many mainstream publications such as Bankless or Business Insider.

I've spent 1,000+ hours analyzing the success of Web3 communities, trying to understand what they are all doing differently than other communities, ending up gathering everything in this 40-pages eBook.

Community Building is THE business skill of the 21st century, and your Web3 community journey starts TODAY!

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The 5 Pillars Of Web3 Community Building

2 ratings
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