The Humble Builder

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The Humble Builder

Eliot Couvat
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The Future belongs to the Boastful Humble Builders.

Start sharing your work with the world & make a name for yourself (without sacrificing your authenticity).

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Is It Right For You?

  • Are you tired that building real expertise doesn’t pay off very quickly? Are you an analytical mind that prefer spending you time building rather than playing the Twitter social game
  • Are you loud with your actions, but (too) quiet with your words? Are you always thinking you should start posting online but then get sucked up with the load of work you have to do?
  • Does promoting your own work feels awkward and unnatural? Are you more a “what if” kind of guy and the sensationalist tone of twitter is simply too much for your personality?

If This Sounds Familiar...Then You're A Humble Builder!

And As A Humble Builder, Chances Are You..

→ Have very little time to focus on playing the Twitter game.
→ Need an all-in-one solution that cut research & writing time by 85%.
→ Want to grow your audience, but not at the cost of your authenticity.
→ Spend your time building a better future, not bitching about the past.
→ Prefer showing more than saying (you usually do more than you brag).
→ Care about credibility, and don't want to do engagement farming tweets.

It's time to create your content system, put it on autopilot, & receive new business opportunities while continuing focusing on what truly matters.

Here's What's Included:


→ I analyze your best tweets to understand better what your audience like.

→ I come up with 5 accounts, similar to yours, that you can get inspiration from.

→ I come up with ideas of topics you could talk about


→ For the first 30min, I show you exactly my content creation process:

  • My ideation templates
  • My exact content schedule
  • The tactics I use to spread my content across the internet.

→ Then, we brainstorm ideas with the 'TOFU-MOFU-BOFU' Framework.

  • We start writing down some ideas.
  • I help you define your core narrative.
  • We define together your value proposition
  • We define the keywords you want to be known for
  • We discuss your story so I get a better perspective of your needs.
  • You share your articles / podcasts / interview / presentation, etc.
  • We discuss style & format (tweets, threads, atomic essays, memes, etc.)


→ This is where the magic happens (In other terms, I do the work for you..)

  • I write the plugs for you
  • I optimize your Twitter Bio
  • I write threads & 1 Atomic essays
  • I come up with as many tweets as possible
  • I turn the ideas we discussed into actual tweets
  • I create your content schedule and automatize everything


→ We make a follow-up call and analyze the first data

  • We come up with new tweet ideas
  • We refine your TOFU-MOFU-BOFU
  • We refine your Bio Twitter together
  • We discuss the plugs I wrote for you
  • We define your core narrative based on the data


  • We analyze what worked / what didn’t
  • You provide feedback on the process
  • We see if there are opportunities to continue working together


  • I like and comment (provide value) to every single of your post
  • I show you my templates to write article
  • I turn one of your interview/presentation into a thread

Stop paying others with your attention. It's time to earn the opportunities you deserve.

Because you're tired that Twitter thought leaders are being more valued than real builders…

Whether you are a developer, designer, marketer, founder, writer, or operator, it's fair to say you spend all of your time building product people love, and communicating about what you’re doing comes second in your priority list.

After all, the world isn’t built by people bragging online.

But then, you take a pause, go on Twitter, see other braggers getting hundreds of likes for nothing, and then feel guilty about not taking the time to finish this article or tweet you have in your draft for 3 weeks now.

For you, building should represent 80% of your day, and promoting only 20% (at max).

Of course, you know that writing online could bring you new opportunities for your business or your professional life. You might even know some builders or colleagues who have started posting online and that got great results in a matter of weeks.

But it just feels awkward for you. You're just not that kind of person.

It’s not really that you lack self-confidence, more so that it would be awkward to suddenly start posting content in front of your real-life friends or colleagues.

After all, who are you to bother people with the latest news of your company?

Worst, you’re not sure about how to write Twitter threads or Linkedin Posts, and the last thing you want is to deteriorate the brand you’ve built over the years.

That’s why getting a little help at the beginning, just to show you the path, would help.

Someone who would give you personalized advice to showcase your expertise without forcing you to post cringe content. Someone who would help you get some early data.

In 30 days, you'll:

  • Get actual data to rely on.
  • Increase your level of confidence.
  • Stop feeling guilty for not posting.
  • Get the emotional support you need to start.
  • Get a first view of the power of writing daily for your business.
  • Receive personalized advices to write content your audience love.
  • Grow your credibility, your audience, and the number of DMs you receive.

Turn Your Expertise Into Actual Content... Without Sacrificing Your Authenticity.

About Me:

Hey, I'm Eliot Couvat 👋 I landed my first Web3 Job 24 months ago. Fast forward 2 years, and I've racked up millions of views writing across platforms about the cultural aspect of Web3. 

Today, I help writers, legendary entrepreneurs and Web3 marketers to build an audience online and make a living from their passions.

Twitter: @CDTEliot

Website: Eliotcouvat.com

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